Tuesday, 13 September 2016

8 Classic Mummy 'Fails'


Being a mummy can be trying.

No, I mean, being a mummy MEANS trying.   Trying to ‘get it right,’ meet the milestones, pass the judgement of others, get your kids to sleep before you begin to feel the madness descend.

But if I’ve learned anything from speaking with mummy friends is that most of us are trying our best and doing well, despite thinking we are utterly useless at parenting.

So I’m coming clean.  Below is a list of some of my worst parenting ‘fails.’

1.       One of my kids had night time nappies until the age of 5.

Why?  Because I had four babies in quick succession after she turned two, and simply couldn’t face the risk of losing more sleep if she wet the bed.

2.       My eldest still likes water in a “baby bottle” to help her get to sleep.

I resolve each time I give it to her it’s the last.  Then I think – what’s the harm?  In a difficult world, a bit of comfort won’t harm her.

3.       My four-year-old twins still have dummies in emergency situations (like when I need them to GO TO SLEEP).

And because I just can’t bear to take them… not yet.

4.       I often have to remove at least one of the following from my bed before I get to go to sleep.  (a) toy cars (b) stray dummies (c) a Minion (d) someone else's sock

In my defence, my kids all go to bed in clean, car-free beds; but I never seem to get around to sorting out my own before I want to fall into it. 

5.       I’m occasionally halfway up the stairs when I realise that I haven’t cleaned the kids’ teeth.  And I keep on going.

Because I’m knackered.

6.       Sometimes my children DEFINITELY have too much sugar in a day.

Because sometimes I say ‘yes’ when I know I shouldn’t. 

7.       Sometimes my children DEFINITELY don’t have enough fruit and veg in a day.

Despite my best efforts...

8.       I still sit with my six-year-old as she goes to sleep when she asks me to.

Because I can't say no.

But I’ve realised that – hurrah – as far as mummying goes… I’m relatively normal.

And my children are happy and loved.


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