Saturday, 23 July 2016

6 Helpful Hacks for Summer Mums

Don't get me wrong. I love spending time with my kids.  And I love the summer.  My problem is that, when the two things coincide, as a mum of five, I am hit by a tsunami of childcare.  But never fear, help is at hand:

  1. Teach your kids to rub suncream on each other.  Line em up, biggest to smallest and tell them it's a competition.
  2. Get them swimming lessons.  This will ensure that you don't have to spend too much time bouncing them around the pool, they'll be safer, sooner PLUS, to quote Dara O'Brien, you'll 'tire the feckers out.'
  3. Timetable their day.  Children love structure and - believe it or not - they'll miss this element of school.  During holidays, it makes sense to have to clear "activities" per day.  Painting in the morning, say, and paddling pool in the afternoon.  If in the 'in between' times they watch a bit of TV or loll on the sofa, you needn't feel guilty.
  4. Have your main meal at lunchtime.  Most of us are accustomed to having our main meal of the day in the evening. But if you ring the changes and have your main feed at lunchtime, you'll get one of the hardest jobs you have out of the way. If you're exhausted by the evening, it's fine to chuck a bit of pizza or a sandwich mouthwards.
  5. Don't let them nap. If they're over 2, and drift off a bit in the afternoon, wrest them from the armchair and run them around the garden, or they'll be up long past bedtime.  Evenings are the only time you'll have a chance to regain your sanity or work over the next few weeks.
  6. Try to be mindful.  Constantly chasing children can be exhausting, but you know you'll miss them come September.  At least sometimes...


Dolores Doolittle said...

FABulous photo, and sage advice for all... From now on husband and I will certainly do the mutual slathering of SPF then tire ourselves out on mini-golf & trampoline en route to pub lunch.

If George then dozes in front of final Tour de France day, shall definitely poke him from the chair (though there might be some hostility at trying to Run him round the garden).

And shall be Mindful that this sunny festering humidity with Flying Ants to boot will not last forever and we`ll miss it when the deluge returns.

Gillian Harvey said...

Gotta love those flying ants! :D Thanks for your comment Dolores :)

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