Thursday, 31 December 2015

Wishing you an OK New Year

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want 2016 to be a “Happy New Year.”  But I do wonder whether, sometimes, actually expecting a year to be “happy” is to expect the impossible.

Do we ever really have a truly “happy” day for example?  A good day will normally consist of little stresses, worries about fairly insignificant things, some laughter, some contentment.  A “happy” day is a day when – on reflection – you had more “ups” than “downs.”

It’s easy to look at sites like Facebook and Twitter and to feel that everyone else is having a better time, a better day, a better life than you.  But even the days on which their cheery posts are logged, or the happy pictures are taken, there will probably have been down moments, arguments, sad thoughts…

Just like a diet isn’t spoiled by the odd chocolate or packet of crisps, a day, month or year shouldn’t be ruined by the things that life will undoubtedly throw at us in 2016.

So as we look back and bid 2015 ‘good-riddance’ it’s important to reflect not just on the real lows – illness, financial hardship, or when the scales decided to add a couple of kilos out of the blue, and the wonderful highs – new jobs, great times with friends, new babies but on the ‘in betweens.’  The ordinary days that don’t stick in the memory, but which prove that – most of the time – things were OK.

I wish you an ‘OK’ new year.

Oh, and watch out 2016 – here we come!

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