Thursday, 19 March 2015

Oh B*gger

I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and beginning to feel increasingly uncomfortable (as you do).  And of course my thoughts have turned towards the birth (something I've been avoiding in an almost unhealthy way (the labour itself doesn't bother me much, but coping afterwards is something I am very nervous about (sorry baby))).

But one thing that was going to help was Ray's wonderful sister-in-law (from his previous marriage).  She's a wonderful woman, and came for three weeks last time, literally saving my life.

In France, you tend to be kept in hospital for about 5 days, and obviously coming home can be an ordeal too - especially when you are far from family.

Yesterday, Ray's sister-in-law phoned... she can no longer come to support us!  I have to add this is entirely NOT her fault - she's finally sold her house so will be in the process of moving.  Besides which, it was above and beyond for her to come last time, let alone this.

But it leaves us in a bit of a state.  We don't have any other family we can really ask.  Friends, understandably either have their own families to care for, or have to work.

At this rate, it may well be that I'm going to be giving birth alone :/

Also, Ray will be looking after our four for about five days/nights without support, which is achievable but no small undertaking.  And there are other factors which make this difficult (which I won't mention as not fair on him).

Anyone got a magic wand?  Or access to a maternity nurse who charges 50p per hour?


Cath said...

35 weeks already? It's true that other people's pregnancies seem to fly by but I am sure it doesn't feel like it to you! Sorry to hear about the hiccup - if I were closer I would pop by! Maybe you could get an aupair?

Gillian Harvey said...

I dream of Aupairs...! :) Thanks Cath.

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