Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Taking Things for Granted

One thing about going to a 'bad patch' in  life is it makes you re-evaluate the things you already have.

When you feel good, or at least when I feel good, I'm always striving for that next thing - getting my book published, toning up, making more money, wishing I had this, that and the other...

When you feel bad, all you can think about is feeling good.  You'd take your book and throw it on the fire, put on 2stone, empty your overdraft (oops, it's already empty!), and wish for nothing more than to be able to enjoy what you've got.

A few weeks ago, I really don't think I appreciated what I had in Ray.  That's not to say I didn't love and respect him, but - as with most marriages - little things were beginning to irritate.  Think toe-nail clippings left in the wrong place, piles of washing left on the dining table - nothing that most people don't do all the time (and believe me, I was irritating him right back).

But when things are "pared down" I look at him without the day to day annoyances and see the rock that he is, and has always been in my life. I see how hard he always works for me and the family; how much he cares about all of us.

Simple things, that are hard to enjoy at the moment, also take on new significance.  Watching the children make each other laugh infectiously; seeing them run in the garden - carefree.  Why wasn't I seeing this before?  I mean, I was seeing it... but I don't think I really appreciated the value of everything around me in the way that I do now.

Most of us are bogged down by petty irritations on a day-to-day basis, lots of us yearn for more - better body, better house, better financial situation, better relationship. 

Take it from me - and anyone else suffering ill health - stop.  Look at your life and breathe it in.

You are truly blessed.

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