Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hitting it with everything I've got

You may have noticed my recent silence...

Yes, my anxiety disorder has reared its ugly head again.

The problem is, the more you talk about anxiety, the more it builds and becomes 'central' to your world.

So it's been difficult for me to blog.

But I don't want this to defeat me, or change me - and blogging is what I did/do.  Loving my kids and what they do; seeing humour and light in family life.

Right now, I am struggling; but this is the only post I will write about this, because I am determined it will not "define" me.

So my next blog post will be upbeat, will look for humour in the darkness; know that I am still going through this, but I choose that it will not consume me the way it has.

And when I'm completely better, I'll let you know.

Please send me your positive vibes!

On a separate note - if you are thinking of buying twin boys tablets in the hope it will make life easier... don't.  It won't...!


Anonymous said...

Sending you strength, I have negative thoughts sometimes so I can totally relate

A BabyCentre mummy xx

Gillian Harvey said...

Thank you xx

Cat said...

I can really relate too. (Also I have given up babycentre as too much social media makes me worse). Sending you positive vibes!

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