Thursday, 20 November 2014

It's a ...

boy - well almost certainly a boy, according to the doc who gave me a brief scan today.

I've been convinced it's a boy ever since I found out I was pregnant, mainly because of some of the changes I've been through (yes, I now have a full, bushy beard).  No, actually, the changes are a little more subtle - such as my skin deciding I am once again an adolescent - but subtle or not, I was convinced my bump was blue.

We won't tell the kids (well, Lily, the only one who really understands what's going on) until our next scan at 22 weeks (23rd December) because of the element of doubt - the whole, is it a willy is it a cord dilemma - but I don't see the diagnosis changing.

How will this affect the family?  If you stick to gender stereotypes, then I suppose the family will be male-dominated now (boo), football-watching, rough and tumble, and the rest.  But I reckon a lot will depend on the littlest one's personality.

Timmy and Lily often pair up/fight, and are very similar.  They both jump up and dance with the slightest excuse, roar with laughter at the daftest things (most recently, an atlas they found, which seemed to be the most comic book they've ever read), and enjoy a lot of the same activities.  Joe is often doing his own thing, as is Evie, who can happily crawl off to the playroom and get on with a little game on her own when the rest of us are in the living room next door. 

Recently, as Evie has grown and become more of a "person" she's become more interesting to the boys, and Joe and her have played together occasionally.  So I wonder whether they will become fast friends or frenemies like Lily and Tim?  Who knows.

So little one will find his place, form his alliances like the rest... and only time will tell how our family will change as a result.

What it does mean is that we can start choosing names (ones that work in French and English) and finally begin to prune out the baby clothes to give away (OK, I'm not one for gender stereotyping, but I don't think pink dresses will be required for this one).  It also means we can start the "where on earth is the baby going to SLEEP" dilemma in earnest.  (Probably, at this rate, the mop cupboard - we desperately need to extend...).

I've never really had a gender preference when pregnant - although that might be because I've got a nice balance of each.  When I found out Lily was a girl, I was really pleased; but I was also happy to find out the boys were boys. The only real pregnancy where I've had a slight leaning towards one or the other was Evie's, as I hoped for a sister for Lily.

This time?  My only hopes are that he is healthy, happy and that THIS is finally

my last pregnancy...

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Fiona Chick said...

Are you going to have to rename your blog?! Congratulations - I only have boys, so know how absolutely magic they are. On both occasions we were correctly told we were having boys, although the second time, our younger son hid his willy for a while. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :-)

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