Saturday, 19 July 2014

Time to stop moaning and start moving... and dawn of a new era

Two things happened this week that made me think...

The first was seeing a poor man who'd collapsed in the market square the other day (an ambulance had been called; he seemed to have rallied, so not too shocking).

The second was trying to get my jeans on and realising they'd gone from 'snug' to ssnnnnnuggggg ahhh.

It occurred to me that (1) crap things happen to people ALL the time.  Therefore the fact that I've had some weird depression, anxiety, eating-disorder stylie events in my life doesn't make me unusual or particularly unlucky.  Just ordinary. And - compared to some people - very lucky indeed.


(2) I've been blogging about what is probably only half a stone of excess weight and a wobbly bum for - what?  Eight, nine months?  It's a "problem" (if problem isn't too strong a word) that I could sort in 2, 3 weeks.


(3) I need to streamline my shape AND my life.  No more trying to juggle too many things!

So, a new era dawns.  Mummy is going to meet a few targets:

1.  Get diet and wobbly tendencies sorted out.
2.  Get back to writing book.
3.  Get on top of house work.
4.  ORGANISE myself (everything from my inbox to my online files are in a higgledy-piggledy state.

(Interesting fact - higgledy is on spellcheck, but piggledy is not... when does one use one without t'other I ask myself?!)

Things that will help. 
We have our 'garde a domicile' or childminder starting on Monday, four days a week.  I'll still be looking after Evie most of the time, but should have time to (a) breathe (b) dust (c) write.

I've quit my admin job (I was working a couple of mornings a week for a UK company).

So now, I have two roles. Mummy and Writer; Writer and Mummy.  A Mummy Wot Writes or a Writer Wot Muvvas.

Even I can juggle two balls...

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