Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mummy 0, Chaos 4

I'm both a perfectionist and a highly competitive person... but you'd never think it to see me here, laptop on lap, surrounded by:
  • a half drunk bottle of Evie's milk;
  • four little shoes;
  • a remote control:
  • an empty packet of baby wipes;
  • a book about frogs, a blanket;
  • a single sock;
  • a colourful caterpillar;
  • a babywalker with its seat inside out;
  • a duvet;
  • a 'Sophie the Giraffe' rattle.
But no crumbs!!  I have swept!  Ha!

And this is how I look:
  • messy hair, from having been attacked by twins;
  • a fleece top that has seen better days;
  • a vest, through which you can see my leopard print bra (grrrr);
  • jeans (of course)
  • stinky trainers;
  • eye-bags;
  • surprisingly attractive facial expression...

What I'm trying to say is that once again, it's Perfectionism 0, Chaos 4.  Tomorrow, we have a rematch.  One day, I will get there.

I always know I've failed when I put the kids to bed then realise I've forgotten to clean their teeth, or when I realise we're only 'just' going to have enough milk to get through the night (here in France shops close at 7.30pm and THAT'S IT 'til 9 tomorrow, so midnight dashes to Asda an impossibility).

Of course, as usual, I'm setting myself up to fail.  And yet I'm always convinced that what I want to do is achievable.  And it is... providing the kids sleep, I sleep, and, of course, there are 26 hours in the day... DOH! 

Mind you, when I read that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have missed their little boy's first steps whilst holidaying in the Maldives, I can't help think - well, I might be exhausted, I might not have "staff" (oh! to have staff!), I might be about as far from having a holiday in the Maldives as it's possible to get, but at least I know that I won't miss any important moments.  Even if I'm as white as a sheet and probably completely depleted of Vitamin D, and definitely have a severe cocktail deficiency...

Anyway, enough moaning - let's move on to the important stuff.  It's the twins' birthday today.  My little boys are two years old!  I'm still not 100% sure they knew what was happening to them most of the day, but hey we tried.

In fact, I've made two birthday cakes over the last 48 hours.  The first, a chocolate fudge cake covered in Smarties to take to crèche (have to educate them about 'proper' cake).  This cake I was proud of.  This cake got a big thumbs up from the crèche staff.

The second... the 'actual' birthday cake well it was delicious, but it wasn't my finest in terms of its... ahem presentation.

I whipped up lovely vanilla cake, filled it with butter icing and strawberry jam - so far so good!  But then realised I couldn't get hold of fondant icing (it's not the thing here in France, so is only really available in specialist shops).  Undeterred, I made some water-icing, and slapped it on.  Unfortunately, it was a bit thin and ran down the sides and across the plate, leaving a thick, white but slightly see-through covering on my slightly uneven cake.  In short, it looked as if a giant albino cow had pooed on the plate. 

But I stuck a candle in it and thanked the powers that be that the boys know nothing about cake presentation.  In fact, my vanilla filled snowdrift got a 'wow.'

In fact, despite having colds, a cowpat cake and a mum that looked like she'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, my little boys were happy.  So perhaps, rather than sit there in the evenings thinking about the things I haven't achieved, I should just ask the kids what they think. 

As long as it's a wow from them, that's good enough for me!

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