Friday, 21 February 2014

It's Official: I Give Up!

I have to face it, I've tried and I've failed.

Today was the last day before the school holidays; the last time for 2 weeks that I had the chance to DO things.

My plan: to be uber-organised, have a spotless house, a diary full of fun things to do, to do my exercises, finally get back on the treadmill, write another 1000 words of my novel and... well take a shower and wash my hair.

Points of plan achieved: 0 (Yes, not even a shower (sorry to anyone I met today)).

I have no idea why.  Tiredness?  But I'm ALWAYS tired! 

I decided that this was just one of those days when I had to accept I'm going to achieve absolutely NOTHING or else go MAD* 

So halfway through the day, in my messy house, having NOT written any of my novel, NOT washed greasy locks**, NOT even replaced the milk that ran out yesterday (milk for mummy's tea, not baby milk don't worry), I decided that I would GIVE UP.

I would accept that today was going to start and end in chaos; that I'd just have to run a comb through my string-for-hair, that I'd drink my tea with a splash of whole milk and pretend it didn't taste REVOLTING.  Even the diet was abandoned. Yes, dear reader, chocolate biscuits were consumed... bite me*** 

OK, so it's hardly the scandal of the century: I haven't stripped off my clothes and run wailing through the streets (as I said, bit too tired today - maybe tomorrow), but I've just decided that the only thing I'll achieve today is a plan that tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow I will (1) clean at least one room so it gleams (2) clean ME until I gleam (3) write 2000 words of the novel (penance) and (4) (most importantly) make sure that the kiddies have fun.
(Optional point 5): If time, strip off and run wailing through streets.  I mean, why not?  It's the weekend....

*I tried going mad late last year, and it's not the release you might expect - see the lunatic rocking in the corner?  C'est moi.  I'd like to go mad in the manner of an old fashioned lunatic - wild hair (check), ragged clothes (check), carefree abandon and lack of self awareness (I'll have to work on it).  My brand of madness sucks.  But I digress...

** Medusa - eat your heart out girlfriend!

***That's what the biscuits said, I mean

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