Thursday, 2 January 2014

Poor little snotty James Bond and Lovely Kiddies!

My poor little Joe - he may be the James Bond of toddlers (both in looks and actions (my teeny tiny Daniel Craig!)) but he ain't half prone to coughs and sneezles.  No sooner is he over one cough and cold, than the snot starts flowing again.

The poor little man is so determined to be happy no matter what, you generally find him racing around with his little cars, red nosed, snot flowing but with his gorgeous toothy grin.  But on New Year's Eve he got the worst cough yet - coughing all night.  There's something horrible about a little one coughing (and even worse when they try to supress it but fail) and it was as if every cough tightened my stomach a little more (if only it had had an effect on my fatty rolls!).

As if that wasn't bad enough, this little constant smiler barely grinned all day. Anyone who knows Joe knows this is BAD.

Luckily, the doc said to try an antihistamine in case it was an allergic cough. And lo and behold, the bogies remain, but the cough is gone THANK GOD!

So James Bond is back!

Despite the fact he is a titchy 20 month old, he shunned the under 3 area of the soft-play centre as usual, and managed twice to make his way up to the top of the big slide. One minute he was at the table, the next he was AWOL, then you'd see his cheeky face emerge, red-cheeked and toothy at the top of the slippery slope.

If that boy's not some sort of dare-devil when he's older, I'll be very surprised.

I do wonder, though, how much children reveal about their personalities at this young age. Is it really possible to tell whether Timmy will really be sensitive and shy - and will Lily be a world leader?  And Evie - only three months old - already looks as if she is taking a sideways view at life.  A writer? Comedian? It will be interesting to look back at this one day (when probably they will all be accountants or bureaucrats!).

Lily seems to have suddenly aged overnight - not in a wrinkly, crusty way, but in her behaviour.  Suddenly she is (comparatively) courteous to the boys. She's bringing her plate to me after she eats. And when granny thanked her for the picture she posted to her, my little girl replied "my pleasure."

She certainly didn't get that phrase from me - I blame Peppa Pig!

I feel very lucky at the moment: I know I'm biased, but I have the most beautiful, rewarding kids.  They may be exhausting, but they are worth every ounce of energy!

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