Friday, 17 January 2014

Out of the blue... and FAST exercise

See the ground under your feet?  Looks safe doesn't it?
What if I told you that, at any minute, the rug (or concrete slab) could be pulled from under you, and you'd be left clinging at the edge of a precipice?  Because, let's face it, as they say "it could be YOU."

Switch on the news and hear of stories in remote places, or horrors happening to people you don't know.  Log into Facebook and witness the trials of those a little closer to home.  But it's still remote, isn't it?  Still "someone else."

Because these things don't happen to "us" do they?

Except, sometimes they DO.

Sometimes, it's you with the dodgy diagnosis, your job that's no longer cost-effective.  Sometimes it's you whose husband walks out, you whose car skids on the ice...

We all know that, and the only way we continue and focus on the trivial is by ignoring it.

Because if we worried about the imminent disaster - the undetected meteor waiting to wipe us out; or the unexpected and horrifying electricity bill - we'd all be gibbering wrecks hiding under tables and whimpering.

And someone has to cook tea.  Someone has to bath the kids.  And someone has to ... well - have a little "fun".

This week, a few things have happened to people I know - things that have come out of a bright blue sky.  No family members, no-one close, but close enough.  It reminds me to enjoy the hug that Lily gives me at night, and not rush her up to bed too fast.  It reminds me that I need to commit Joe's little toothy grin, Evie's wobbly, big-eyed smiles and Timmy's funny pronunciation of "bubble" and "Lily" in quick succession to memory - to treasure the little moments as they come and go.

I remarked to Ray today that we had to realise that the To Do list would NEVER be finished, that the house would NEVER be perfect... because we're both perfectionists stuck in a really tricky situation.  We know what we want to do; we're capable of doing it... but we have no TIME.

Talking of time, my friend Sue popped round on Tuesday afternoon and we were forced to stop.  And you know what?  The world didn't end because I hadn't ticked anything off the list or made that phone call.  In fact, I felt relaxed and remembered that the only person setting my schedule was me.  God, I'm a horrible boss!!

So, we're going to stop.  We're going to choose an official "day off."  Not a day off the kids, but a day off the chores, a day when we say f*** it and put a pizza in the oven. A day when we give ourselves a mental and physical break.

We just can't decide which day to choose - there's just TOO MUCH to do!

PS: on a different note, have decided to start the FAST exercise plan (thanks Mikey Mosley).  Not doing the FAST diet, partly because I don't need to lose that much weight and partly because... well, I need food to get through the day!  But I'm going to try this HIT business.  So I'll keep you posted. 

PPS: When I say "start" I mean I've downloaded the book onto my Kindle. And you know what?  My butt already feels a little firmer...

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