Monday, 6 January 2014

Is Celebrity the New Religion? For Fame's Sake!

I can understand wanting success and I'm not crazy enough to feel my life wouldn't be better with a bit more money... but the obsession with 'celebrity' I'll never understand.  Not fame as a result of something you do that's worthwhile, or a talent you have, but fame for fame's sake.

I was thinking about this when, in desperation, I tuned into Celebrity Big Brother last night.  Desperation for something to watch that is...  And watching a group of adults talking to each other about the size of their bits and pieces, whether it be boobies or willies, left me flabbergasted.  I say 'boobies' and 'willies' both because the words are less offensive than some, and because it reminded me of talk most of us grew out of in the playground.

Even Liz Jones couldn't answer as to why she was controversial - controversy for controversy's sake perhaps?  See my last blog for my ramblings on that...! :)

I have a question for the lot of them: DO YOU KNOW YOU'RE ON TV?

Because when the collective IQ of some of the contestants is probably lower than that of a pigeon, you have to think - perhaps they don't realise?

That's the only reason I can think of for some of the behaviour I witnessed last night...  Well done, you've got boobs, you've got tackle - how "unique!"

OK, so some might accuse me of being 'fame hungry' in a way (well, I'm blogging aren't I? and I write??)  - and yes, I want to be a well known (and respected!) novelist one day.  But let me ask you: how many of the authors you like would you recognise in the street? 


I was embarrassed enough yesterday when I rushed around to the supermarket and bumped into a couple of friends, as I knew I looked rough.  At least no-one wants to "pap" me!

The rise of the celebrity who is famous for (a) embarrassing themselves, (b) being more or less completely vacant or (c) getting body parts out has only risen up over the last 20 years or so... and it made me wonder: in this age of science and reason, and in a country in which religious belief is falling, has celebrity - being "known" - become the new route to immortality?

As you know, I'm an ex-Christian (still sometimes 'God curious'), and obviously know that the draw of much religion is wanting to live forever.

So what replaces that when belief has gone?  The desire to be remembered, to be known, to 'matter.'

"Fame! I wanna live forever..."  See what I mean?

I just hope that in the future the "celeb for celeb's sake" culture will become old, and celebrity will revert to its original meaning: someone who is celebrated.  Not for peeing themselves or flashing, but because they've done something worthwhile...

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