Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hang on... France is beautiful! Plus wobbly - toned - wobbly ?!

I do have my gripes about France - I'll be the first to admit it. And sometimes I say that I'd be over the Channel before you could say "ooh la la!" given half the chance.

But, as I was pushing three little kiddies on the three little swings in the garden this afternoon (exhausting and borderline suicidal when you hop from swing 1 to 3 (narrowly avoiding being clobbered by swing 2)), I looked up and saw (through the misty drizzle) a beautiful turret on an old stone building, trees intersected with rooftops and - beyond - the fields and an open sky.

The only noise I could hear was the "higher mummy!" from Lily and delighted laughing from the twins.

It struck me suddenly that I live in a beautiful place; all I need to do is open my eyes and LOOK once in a while...

Wobble, wobble...
Mind you, not convinced that my eyesight is 100% at the moment. 

I'll explain.

The diet and exercise plan - although only half-heartedly adopted - is working and I've lost 4lb and started to see a difference to my body.  (4lb to go!).

But why is it that sometimes when I catch myself in the FULL LENGTH MIRROR Ray kindly put up next to our en-suite (why oh WHY?!) I sometimes see a toned tummy and pert bot - and sometimes see an old woman with as many dimples and ridges as a map of the Pyrenees?

It's the same body.

So which is it?  Huh?

And why is the wobbly version so much easier to believe????

I would post a pic, but I still have some sort of grip on reality - it's the internet, and (1) I wouldn't do that to you and (2) I wouldn't do that to me...

   (.)  (.)
  {   .   }
    (     v    )
    (     )(   )
    (     )(   )
   Ooo  ooO

(The above artist's impression gives you some idea)

Right... I'm wobbling off now.

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