Monday, 9 December 2013

SNOT, germs, pregnant husbands, acceptance and flatulence. Something for everyone...

Well, the good news is that I seem to have overcome my insomnia - no more 5am starts due to being wide-awake...

But the bad news is that we have become a family of sniffy, coughing, germ-ridden, handkerchief-clutching, medicine-swilling, pale-skinned, sickly, snotty grot-bags.

The whole weekend has been a series of broken nights/early mornings, medicine-dosing, brow-mopping, vomit-sponging, general exhaustion and HELL.

Of course, Ray reckoned he'd got it worse than anyone and went to the Doctor's this morning.  The doc prescribed paracetamol ... (man flu methinks!)

So, to all the family I'm sending parcels to this week, beware of germs lurking in the Christmas paper!


I was worried yesterday as Ray came in from tinkering on the car looking drained and 'serious.'  He then said that he'd like to talk to me later.  Well, what's that if it's not TORTURE!  Thoughts in my head: he wants to split up? (I didn't think it was likely, but I am a pain in the arse so it's always possible).  Or, he's ill... Or he wants to move back to England...  Or it's a complete fake-out and he's going to spring a joyful surprise on me (oh god, please don't let him be PREGNANT!).

It turned out that he'd come to the momentous decision that he can't keep doing all the work on the house himself - he's exhausted.  He seemed to think this was both an acceptance of getting old and a slight on his masculinity.  I saw it as him being SENSIBLE at last!  Not many 63 year olds could be up in the night with four kids, have a cold themselves and then go and do manual work.  Scrap that, not many 20 year olds could...

OK, none of us are getting any younger, but we are the age we are and owe it to ourselves to treat our bodies with respect.  And yes, it's hard to respect a flabby blancmange with more sagging than an old mattress (talking about myself now) but let's face it, we only get one and abusing it isn't going to make it last longer!

So - project FIT has started in the Harvey household. And all I can say is: watch out world (and don't walk too close behind us as we're upping our fruit and veg intake...)

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