Monday, 16 December 2013

Sleeeeppppp Shocker!! Warning: Might Cause Jealousy in Parents

Having endured weeks of insomnia that made me wake at 5am, the tables have suddenly turned.  After a snotty week of nightly wakings, the children in fact ALL OF US have started sleeping.  And when I say sleeping I mean SSSSLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNG!!!

Last night, for example, the kids went to bed about 7pm, and Ray and I went at about 10.  I woke up at 8.10am!  Lily was still asleep, Evie (she did have a little bottle at 4am, but still) was still asleep, the boys were STILL ASLEEP!  Even Ray was snoring!

That was the good news - the bad news was that at 9am Lily was due at school and the boys were due at crèche.  The kitchen was a mess, bags weren't packed and no-one was ready!  Bearing in mind that, recently, I've had about 3.5 hours to potter around getting prepared, it was quite a challenge.

I woke Ray at 8.20am for a shower, showered myself, then tried to wake Lily, who moaned and turned over.  I couldn't do it.  She's only 4 for god's sake, it was 8.30 - so she was never going to make it on time anyway - and she was ill last week. I left well alone.

In the end, it was 8.45am by the time we all got up.  Lily got to school at 9.30, the boys to crèche at 9.45.  But who cares, we got some SERIOUS ZZZZZZZZZs!

This kind of excess sleeping has been building for a while - we've been waking later and later as the days have gone on, but I've been loathe to set an alarm.  I mean, with four teeny kiddies, surely setting alarm is the WORST kind of tempting fate there is?

But I'm going to have to do it tomorrow; I can't drop Lily off to school that late two days in a row.

What's the bet that, if I dare to set an alarm, I will be punished by bad nights for the rest of the year?!

Wish me luck!!!!!

PS: you know you've been married to someone for a long time when you ask them to look at your a-hole to see if it's OK.  That's all the info I'm giving...  (except that it received a clean bill of health)...

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