Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Resolutions...

I constantly make resolutions - some I keep, some gradually get 'forgotten.'  But maybe recording them here will help?

1.  To get back to my "fighting weight".
My resolution last year was to be 'bikini fit for summer'!  I haven't been able to wear a bikini and feel good since I had Lily.  Partly laziness, partly undiagnosed thyroid problem, and partly the fact I went on to have 3 more kiddies including twins!  Obviously, my resolution was quashed last February when I discovered I was pregnant (although I did wear a bikini to a swimming pool, it wasn't the "Look" I was hoping for!).  So, have already started my floor exercises, eating healthy.  Have lost 3lb already! 
My goal isn't much weight-loss (another 4lb would be nice), but toning.  My poor flabby belly :( 

2.  To get my book published.
Although I've had quite a few articles published, I've never managed one of my novels.  However, I realise now that my old writing is a little immature.  Perhaps I had to get through to this crusty age, and go through the cr*p to get the "maturity?"  So, watch this space!

3.  If I use something, clean it and put it away!
Yep, I'm gonna be a domestic goddess...!

Wish me luck!!

Oooh - just thought of another one!
4.  Finally get rid of all my little health niggles.  A little bit of psoriasis, a little bit of another 'weird skin thing', something I won't write about here, skin pigmentation problem from pregnancy and clean up my diet so I feel GOOOOOODDDDD!!!

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