Monday, 25 November 2013

What's Your Thing? And Uncle Steve's Visit

We've all got one... you know - a "thing"

No! Not that!! 

We've got something that bothers/plagues us (delete as appropriate). We have something that isn't quite right in our lives.

It's easy to think that everyone else is coasting through life; easy, but not true.  I know that my Facebook statuses are usually only made when feeling chipper (except for the odd "woe is me" moment), or when I have something interesting to say (which is probably why they're so rare...).  And I think we all do that - whether it's to 'fit in', to keep things light or just to generate a bit of personal positive PR - we put on a brave face(book status). 

But what's your true status? What do you suffer from?  Bad back? Bad job? Bad husband?  Bad headaches?  Most of us struggle on with something.  Speaking to a friend whose husband has crohn's disease recently really brought this home to me... And yet when I think about her life, I always think that everything must be great. 

In fact, it often seems as if everyone else is having a wonderful life, when we're scrabbling around in the dark.  Why?  Well, firstly, a lot of us don't talk about our "things."  "How are you?"  "I'm fine!" we reply chirpily, whilst ignoring a throbbing pain in the spine, or an itchy arse.

And let's face it - we wouldn't really want it to be any different.  If we got a "true" answer to the question "how are you?" every time we asked... well, we'd probably know a lot too much about some people, or feel depressed, or, well, just stop asking.

Life is difficult.  It's great; it's a gift; it's a miniscule moment in time when our atoms come together and form us... however, it's also hard work.  But at least when it comes to suffering - on a large or small scale - we can be sure we're not in it alone...


This weekend my older brother, Steve, popped over from England.  It was wonderful to see him - he's a great dad and was fantastic with the kids (especially Lily who took a shine to him and basically ensured that he left us a shadow of his former self!).  The weekend went by in a flash, but something about his presence really slowed me down and made me feel more "at home" with myself than I have for a while. I think when we spend time with the people with whom we've grown up, we really become "ourselves" (for better or worse!).  There's something wonderfully grounding about family.

I know I've complained about my family before, and doubtless will again... but for all our faults (and that definitely includes me!) there's no shortage of love.  And in the grand scheme of things, it's by far the most important element of family life.

In other news...
Evie's first 'proper, it's definitely not wind' smile happened today.
Timmy decided my tummy was a plaything and began pulling it around like a floppy piece of playdough...
Joe rubbed mashed potato in his eyes at the dinner table...
And Lily decided that mummy is 5 years old.  Perhaps she was referring to my mental age???

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