Sunday, 10 November 2013

Ways to Be Busy

Ok, so I know that with 4 under 4 life is pretty hectic.  But my brain is 'bored.' 

I have the kind of brain that needs to be chewing something over all the time.  So when I've got a looming deadline - no problem!  But as I write quickly, and probably have four or five deadlines a month, I'm soon back to twiddling my thumbs!

So - what to do?  My problem is that I need something that "forces" me to think about it.  If I did a course (for example) "for the sake of it", I'd soon abandon it...  I need pressure and deadlines and that's just who I am!

I've thought about starting a new business - I am a qualified counsellor, for example, or doing a course that would 'lead to something' (such as a new business!) but undecided.  Writing competitions are interesting, but I still feel I need a bit more 'going on'!

Anyone got any ideas?

Have spent the morning writing an article for TES (Times Educational Supplement) (oooh, get me!), which is a bit of a deviation from my usual writing market (Women's Mags), so that was really interesting.  I also feel pretty proud that I got a commission from them :-)

Also, iced chocolate cake, ate chocolate cake... Changed 3 pooey nappies... (luckily nothing got "mixed up"), wrote an assignment for my writing course (again, I'm too quick - it was soon over!), had friends round for a cuppa, ate cheese on toast and looked out at the rain wondering how I can keep myself busy for the rest of the day(!)  Miserable November weather - totally uninspiring...

In France, Sundays are like they used to be in England about 20 years ago - there is NOTHING happening!  What's worse, Mondays aren't much better, as many of the shops close. I don't even think I would be going out anywhere if things WERE open, but it's knowing you can.  Feel a bit trapped!

Very difficult going out with 4 little 'uns.  Lots of friends we'd like to see, but it's always "hang on, they have (1) Ornaments (2) White sofas (3) Hazardous stairs (4) Building works going on , etc.  If it's not the children plunging from a great height, it's the thought of the chaos they leave in their wake!

So, ho-hum, back to twiddling thumbs!  Inspire me someone!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember Sundays here 20/30 years ago. All there was, was Jimmy Saville on the radio or tv. And look where that ended!

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