Friday, 15 November 2013

Too Much Rough and Tumble? Wet nappies and thoughts on the universe.

Since the twins started to toddle around a few months ago, I've taken to sometimes lying on the floor and allowing myself to be "attacked."  Usually starts with me grabbing little Joe, holding him over me and saying "ahhh, help me!" as he squeals delightedly.

Well... no more...

For a start, "little" Joe is actually quite a chunky monkey now.  And, since the kids have started to play with each other more, it's a case of grab one and get two free - as Timmy and Lily pile in.

Last night, I ended up with Lily bouncing on my tummy (ouch!), Joe nipping me with his little teeth whilst laughing delightedly (anyone who's seen Joe knows that he has a MOUTHFUL).  Then Timmy toddled over and, giggling, sat down on my face - with a full nappy I might add (luckily no.1 not 2)!

Suddenly my cries of "ahhh, help me!" were genuine!  But, like the boy who cried wolf, I had exhausted my appeals for aid, and Ray ignored me, thinking my muffled cries were part of the "game."

I thought my number was up...  But luckily Timmy relented, and my face was de-nappied.  Thank God for that!  (Ahhh, maybe there is a God after all!).

I'm reading, or rather listening to (on audiobook) Bill Bryson's 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' at the moment. To say it's mind-blowing would be an understatement.  The description of the solar system and the way he makes it accessible mean that I am totally blown away by our remote existence in a largely unexplored universe.  Sometimes I think knowing too much is NOT a good thing...  He does explain it well though - for example, if the Earth was the size of a pea, then the sun would be 16km away if you wanted to draw our solar system to scale...  Feeling small?

Puts things in perspective though - sometimes I think we spend too long worrying about the shopping budget, moaning about the weather or being concerned that our hair isn't, well.. "quite right."  All the time we're living on a lonely planet, in an unknown universe where what we really understand about existence could probably be written on a postage stamp!  Hair's not feeling quite so important now... is it?!

Mind you, when you've got a small bum encased in wet nappy blocking your airways, that puts things in perspective too!

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