Thursday, 21 November 2013

On others' suffering... and snotty noses

It's strange when we get to a stage in which we're totally preoccupied with ourselves and forget the suffering of others.  Perhaps you've never been like that, but for me I find myself taking a lot from others (support, friendship, concern) and realise that I don't always "give back" at those times.

And yet I know how invaluable friends have been to me, and family too of course.  Take my aunt and uncle, who sent me a little gift recently.  It wasn't anything much - just some hand cream - but receiving their note and gift in the post unexpectedly made me feel loved.  My brother, too, is coming to see me this weekend - something I really appreciate.

I think when we're in a good place, the little things we do seem insignificant - but they can mean everything to others.  I'm determined to make sure I am there for my friends and family more than I have been.  Not that I'm totally useless, but little gifts, little words of comfort, go a long way.

The poor kiddies are all pretty snotty today - Timmy in particular, whose nose dangled a real hum-dinger over me earlier when I was tickling him.  Luckily I escaped.  Joe, as accident prone as usual, fell over - yet again on his NOSE.  You'd think that boy had an enormous nose - it seem to take the impact of every tumble - and yet it's a little button really!  So blood and snot were cleaned up and he toddled off.  My little soldier!

Even little Evie is snorting away.  I always think the first cold must be so cruel for babies.  They have no idea that life can contain discomfort (beyond wind) or pain, and the cold must be a real shock!  They have no idea why mummy can't take it away, whether it will EVER go.  I wonder how much they think about it?!

And Lily, of course, has soldiered off to school with a red nose, insisting that she's "fine".  Once again proving that she's thousands of times more stoical than her mother...

Oh... and my little star Evie slept from 10 'til 5 last night.  What a trooper! :)

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