Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fun Times... and Why Worrying is Pointless

We went (yet AGAIN) to the soft-play centre in Limoges today...  One thing I always notice about going to soft-play is how it reveals the kids' personalities: what they are drawn to, how they behave, etc.

Lily tears off and is barely seen until she wants (a) a Coca-Cola, (b) a token for the cars or trampoline or (c) a cuddle because someone or something's upset her...

Timmy spends most of the time sitting at one of the tables pretending to drink a cup of coffee (despite easy access to BOUNCY CASTLE, BALL PIT, BIG SLIDE and MORE!).

Joe spends 90% of his time in a little room that's set up like a mini-disco, with moving lights and pumpin' toons...  He had a little harem of girls with him today...  The mind boggles!

They say that 99% of the things we worry about NEVER HAPPEN... for me it's more like 100%.  And yet sometimes I can't stop!

Then today I watched the news and saw the footage of the helicopter that crashed into a Scottish pub.  Terrible, tragic and also a reminder of the randomness of life and how little we can do to foresee or prevent disaster.

Rather than allow that to make us feel awful, perhaps we should draw from that the attitude that, whilst life (and death) is out of our control, we can at least control our feelings and live in the moment.  The real disasters in life are usually unforeseen, and, even when they're not, why spend your days in misery when you can embrace the life you've been given!

If only I could heed my own words!!

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