Wednesday, 16 October 2013

You can't choose your family, but you can create a new one

I haven't got the worst family in the world. In fact, some of my family members are wonderful.

My parents, however, although they love me (I think) are pretty much never there for me in real terms.  They don't put themselves out, won't come and visit even when I really need them.

That's something I've had to come to terms with, and it's taken me a long time.  I'd move heaven and earth for my children, and always will.  So I find it hard to understand, but there it is.

I'm not the only one with parents who are disinterested, and I know lots of people have it a lot worse, so shouldn't complain.

Where I am lucky is with certain other family members - my sister and brother in law for example - who often go above and beyond.  And with friends, who have become like family in their support - thank you to all of those wonderful people.

So whilst you can't choose what you're born into, you can learn to form your own family; a family based on mutual love and support, where you are prepared to put yourself out for a friend and they are there for you too.

And when it comes to your own family - your children - you can resolve to never put them in the position you are left in, and hope that they can say "I'm so lucky to have the parents that I have."


Anonymous said...

im sorry to hear that hun , my grandchildren are my whole world and i have them twice a week , your parents are sooooooo missing out on those wonderfull little people ,, chin up hun your all they need ,, and dad of course lol xxx

Anonymous said...

Know how you feel! You are not alone

Gillian Harvey said...

Thank you xx

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