Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Welcoming Evie Rose

Darling Evie Rose

Yesterday saw the birth of my fourth tiny tearaway, Evie Rose.  Being the fourth child, she may not get the attention that the others got, but she did bring with her some firsts:

·         First induction

·         First natural pregnancy

·         First time stitches didn’t hurt

·         Quickest delivery

So, my baby, you are unique in your own special way!

We arrived at the hospital promptly at 9am and were shown to a bedroom where the sage-femme (midwife) informed us that the induction could take 2-3 days.  After an hour of monitoring, I was given some medicine (I won’t say where … use your imagination) and experienced a few more contractions.

The first midwife who supervised my care was a bit of a bruiser, and I experienced the most PAINFUL blood test of my life. She was a chunky, fairly butch woman who literally seemed to stab me in the arm… Now no-one likes blood tests, but if they were all like this, I would have needed pain relief just for that reason!

Evie was a bit cheeky, and kept wriggling away from the heart monitor.  More worryingly, her heart rate dropped a bit when I contracted. So, as a precaution, I was sent up to the delivery suite and put on a drip to speed things up.

Throughout this whole pregnancy, I’ve felt as if I was making the whole thing up. I think because she was such a surprise, and conceived without IVF, it’s just felt too bizarre to be true!  And even labour felt that way – yes I got contractions, but I wasn’t particularly in pain.

After an hour’s walk around the corridors, I was put back on the drip again and found to be four centimetres dilated – to my surprise! 

Then, suddenly, all hell broke loose and the room was filled with midwives, who administered some medicine into my drip – Evie’s heart-rate had dropped again, but soon stabilised.

Because of this though, and because I was 4cm, they wanted to get me put on an epidural immediately.

It was weird – my last two deliveries I couldn’t have been more grateful for pain relief, but it felt ridiculously unnecessary at this point to me. However, I knew that if they needed to act fast and perform a c-section, then they’d need this in place, so I was a good girl and did what I was told.

We were then left to our own devices a bit – my drip was turned up and I was told that if I didn’t progress sufficiently in the next hour it would be a trip to theatre.  I felt quite calm though – I didn’t want a c-section, but knew there was nothing I could do about it.

But I did progress, so my drip was turned up, and my waters were broken. Another first – usually when I’ve had an epidural, it’s eased the pain of the contractions, but I’ve felt everything – ahem – down there. This time, my main area of pain relief seemed to consist of a completely numb bum. I had no idea that any waters had passed at all!

OMG, then I DID know.  They put me in this weird position on my side with my leg folded up (I think to turn the baby, but they may have also been simply having a laugh at my expense…!).  Lots of pain, a quick examination, an exclamation and a command to push.  Evie was born in three easy pushes and placed on my chest.  One of the midwives later described her as coming out like a bullet!

So surreal “pretend” pregnancy, surreal “pretend” labour, but very real, very beautiful baby, who has barely cried, but never stops talking.



Lallymaggoo said...

Wow, you were lucky. Were you at Limoges? I was induced and 48 agony-filled hours later I had a caesarian. She was obviously ready to make her presence felt. Congratulations to all X

Gillian Harvey said...

I was at Limoges too! So glad I didn't know about your story until after my induction - sounds awful! xx

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