Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Girdle Diaries: Part One = Fail

So… this girdle business.

Basically, you order the size you were before the pregnancy, slip into it after the birth and, over the coming weeks, are compressed back to the (ahem) svelte shape you were before.  As this beige delight retails at close to (Ray – look away now) £100, buying two different sizes is pretty much out of the question.

When ordering, I read the advice on the website about hip measurements, avoided XS (ahh, those were the days) and opted for S.  Being small in stature, as well as reasonably slim before the event, I figured that would be the right option.

Not even I, with my bikini-fit for summer aspirations, was mad enough to try to squeeze my bulging postpartum uterus into the attractive garment immediately post-birth.  But, I figured, noticing my tummy had slightly receded, that yesterday afternoon was COMPRESSION TIME…

(I left it ‘til the afternoon, as I was still in the hospital (they keep you in for about 5 days here) and knew that the midwife would examine me in the morning and not wanting to try to explain why I was wearing a beige undersuit with a quick-release flap in the pertinent area… (especially in French)).

What transpired was this…

Wriggling my hips seductively, I managed to fit my wibbly bum into the pant area of said garment.  So far, so good (and may I say, so very attractive…).  The front fastening corset area was another matter. Helpfully fitted with two sets of hooks (for further compression when necessary), even the outer fastenings of the garment failed to come together over my rotund belly.  The best moment was when I managed to get one of the top clips fastened and my tummy popped through the gap that was left like a slightly deflated balloon.

Luckily for you, though, I didn’t have a camera with me… so I’ll leave you with that image and your imagination…

In other news…

Evie Rose remains a barely crying, often talking, milk guzzling GOOD SLEEPER.  Not wanting to count my chickens, but so far so good.  (Plus cute as a button).

Lily’s first word on meeting her new sister?  “WOW!”

Timmy raced into the hospital room and promptly tried to give her his dummy (A Good Sign).

Joe was totally oblivious and more interested in trying to climb the bed. (Normal Behaviour).

Lily was desperate to hold Evie, so sat between my legs and cradled her, telling me “she’s delicate, isn’t she mummy”, before proceeding to try to open her eyelids with her finger.

Ahhh, family life!


Anonymous said...

The trick with the hooks is to start from the middle - the only option is for your stomach to bulge out of the top! :os Love the kids' reactions :-D

Gillian Harvey said...

Thanks for the tip! :) Will try again tomorrow! x

Anonymous said...

Love reading about your family! You make it sound rather romantic (although I know that it's hard word exhausting and urge! Still French romantic..... Love it )

Shame we're not close enough to actually meet up although when you were in Biggleswade we didn't then either so?!?!?

You have a beautiful beautiful family Gill x I'm quite jealous of the noise (James is so very quite!)

Amanda x x x

Gillian Harvey said...

Thanks Amanda! :) You're always welcome in France :)

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