Friday, 18 October 2013


Ray and I were talking about the blog last night, when he commented "I hope that you have mentioned you have a supportive husband."

Well... no I suppose I haven't.  I haven't mentioned Ray much as I wasn't sure he'd want to be mentioned.  He rarely reads the blog, but (apart from the odd piss-take) I haven't really said much about him.

And he IS supportive.  In fact, without Ray, I don't think I'd be here.  He has a way of understanding and supporting me and is my rock.

Having been in a children's home as a child, Ray grew up largely on his own - he lived on his own at 15 and had to work from that age too. In many ways, his childhood sounds very Dickensian.  A lot of people would have been totally screwed up by the experience, but for Ray it seems to have made him stronger.

And his advice on life?  Ray always says that 'everyone loves a winner' and that his childhood experiences made him resolve to be happy all the time - "I'm always smiling on the inside", he says.

I wish I had an ounce of that man's emotional strength and determination.

Since Ray's stroke, he has been more vulnerable, both emotionally and physically and I've realised, I suppose, that he IS a lot older than me (well DER) and that there may be a time when he needs me more than I need him - at least in terms of help and support.  I really hope that I can be strong enough to support him in the future the way he has supported me.

In short, I have a wonderful, loving husband.  Perhaps people look at us - at our 28 year age gap - and think he's lucky.  But they couldn't be more wrong.  I am the lucky one.  I have a man who puts himself out for me every day, who puts the family's needs before his own in every way, and who manages to keep smiling and share his strength no matter what is happening to him personally.

Shame about the snoring though... ;)

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