Monday, 14 October 2013

On needing help

I can't believe I'm back here again, but I've got terrible Post Natal OCD and insomnia.  I'm not sure the way forward from here.  I was so, so happy when Evie was born, but now I feel as if I have no future. I am frightened all the time.

For anyone who hasn't suffered from this terrible condition, here's some info so you understand what I'm going through:

This blog was meant to be fun and frivolous, and I will try to keep it light.  But I have to confess that I feel empty and alone today.


Anonymous said...

Now might be a good time to finally comment on how much I love your blog! I'm a Mum of twins, an OCD sufferer (which brings anxiety and depression with it). I've actually been better since the birth of my twins as I have the best distraction ever but I know what it's like to feel frightened with it. Try and talk it through with someone. You're so courageous to admit and talk about the big taboo of depression. I think you're stronger than what you realise!

Anonymous said...

Well done for being honest. I had severe antenatal anxiety when I was pregnant w our twins and cld barely leave the bedroom.. Despite having an older son to look after too.. Get how hard it can b. hang in there. Never read your blog before so don't know how old your youngest is but hormones have a big impact for me. Dr recommended banana milkshake, cherry juice for insomnia

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you're suffering again. Can you (or your partner) remember what was helpful for you previously? Can you swing these support mechanisms into place again? For me it would be things like: getting in touch with GP / mental health team; getting extra help with practical things - paying a nursery nurse / carer if necessary, asking family, friends and neighbours for assistance; getting some meds to help maintain a reasonable sleep cycle (as a matter of urgency); prioritising strictly - cutting out as much stress as possible and favouring activities which will be beneficial - even if that's just drinking tea with a friend.
Big hugs to you - try not to forget it is temporary and you're informed enough to act quickly and feel better more quickly.

Anonymous said...

The girls have given you wonderful advice - I just wanted to send you a big hug and encourage you to ask for help, asking for help and making sure you are healthy makes you a BETTER mother x

Anonymous said...

oh hun , is there any one close friend parent ? who can just for an hour come and sit with the kids so you can go and treat yourself to a coffee and cake xxx im sorry your feeling sad , big hugs for you xxx

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