Tuesday, 8 October 2013

On being strong... and an Ode to My Girdle!

For anyone who's suffered from anxiety or depression, you will know that we are incredibly strong people.  Although it's hard for others to understand, the feelings provoked by these conditions can be worse than physical pain.  Unfortunately, I'm having a bit of a dose at the moment - I've contacted the 'Linden Method' and hope to get back on track.

For anyone who's got anxiety at the moment, I can't recommend the Linden Method enough. It really does work to eliminate anxiety quickly. Unfortunately, one thing that's an important part of the method is not talking about your anxiety too much.

SO, until I achieve full remission, I won't be blogging about that part of my life, but I will let you know when I'm fully well, and some details of how I did it!

In other news - I briefly fitted into my old jeans - that is until the button flew off across the room...!! But hey, it's some sort of progress!!  Thankyou Girdle!

Ode to My Girdle

Oh Girdle!  What canst I say?

Thou beauteous thing of beige and grey,

My stomach in your strong embrace,

It shrinketh at amazing pace!

Oh Girdle! Thou art a friend indeed,

You squash my bulge at super-speed,

Your gusset so convenient is,

When I need to have a little pizz,

Oh Girdle! Thou playest well your part,

In helping my belly to depart,

Please do not stop reducing me,

Until a size 8 again I be!


Sarah Berry said...

Erm she's only a week old and you are stressing about getting into your jeans??? I lived in maternity wear for months afterwards !!!!! Chill out - enjoy Evie and the tribe and I will see you soon - you can offload and chillax ! :) xxx

Gillian Harvey said...

Thanks Sarah :) x

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