Sunday, 6 October 2013

Mummy needs SLEEP, Coping and Chaos

Poor Evie - I do expect a lot of her really, and she did do better last night.  But, once again, there was a hellish time between 11 and 12.30 in which she refused to settle and woke up every five minutes.  Every time my head hit the pillow and I thought "ahhhh" there would be a tiny cough... followed by a ROAR!

I'm determined to teach Evie the difference between day and night as soon as possible - following advice, I'm singing and talking to her during her day time feeds, and being quiet as possible at night.  So far, it's not working, but the poor little scrap is only 5 days old after all!  It's more about survival this time... With Lily, I didn't need to do anything special as she was the first, and we could fit around her. With the boys, it was such a blur I didn't have time to "plan"!  With Evie, I've quickly realised that if we want to survive the first few weeks, we need to be MILITARY! (As much as you can with a small baby).

So, I've actually read up some info!  Night/day training, activity during the day (as much as practical) and hopefully spacing out feeds...  Fingers crossed the plan works before I collapse...!

We have visitors at the moment (if you're reading, hi J&P!), who've kindly come to help out - which is fantastic!  The only problem with it is that having people here winds the children up to a froth!  Of course, P doesn't help when he throws the boys onto the sofa, or drives Lily completely crazy with his antics (which she loves).

Not only that but we had another couple (hi D&C!) popping in this afternoon - which was lovely. But the children's liveliness seems to directly increase with the number of guests!  They were leaping over D, putting blankets on his head; Lily insisted on getting on her ballet kit and doing some dancing, and forcing D to join her...  Then she promptly wet herself, so just when I'd finally got her kit washed for next lesson, it's back to the drawing board!  Tim and Joe raced around in a whirlwind of screams and shouts, and Evie pooed herself and roared.

We calmed down with a bath afterwards, although Joe then peed on my leg, Lily decided to get her watercolours out and paint her face... and Evie pooed herself and roared...

Life with so many small infants isn't easy, but I think when people come & see us they must think 'GOOD GOD!'  But whilst things can be crazy, they really aren't as manic as they seem... honest!

I do wonder how I'm going to cope though.  I want to be there for all my children, but can't help but think with this new family dynamic some will be left out at all times.  I know this will get easier as they get older, but I just hope that it doesn't affect them too much now.  And I hope I can be strong enough.


pigletinfrance said...

Oh my goodness i cant imagine coping with 4��am sure you will develop a routine and it will all just fit together soon.

Gillian Harvey said...

Thanks :)

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