Thursday, 10 October 2013

Little Personalities

Watching the children play and interact makes me wonder what personality traits I displayed at such a young age.

Lily (little Miss Bossy Boots) ordering the boys around, or taking control of friends when they visit, but at the same time is so tender with her little sister. For example, when I jokingly said to Evie "if you wake me up tonight there'll be BIG TROUBLE", Lily came up and said "don't worry, darling, there won't weally be twouble."

Joe, who wants to push anything with wheels around and around - whether it's a toy car, a pushchair or Lily when she's on her little go-kart.

Tim, who loves to sit in an armchair with his leg up, gabbling nonsense into a plastic phone.

It will be interesting to see what jobs these three little monkeys take in the future - mechanic, executive and Prime Minister perhaps?

Even little Evie is showing little glimpses of personality - she has a very expressive face (although I realise she's probably expressing wind rather than anything else) but I can't help but wonder whether she's going to be the little comic of the bunch - she's certainly got some amusing little faces to display!

Do we shape our children's personality or is it the genes they are born with?  Probably a bit of both, which is why I'm determined to give the kids as happy a childhood as I possibly can.

As for the nights... last night was a bit better - Evie woke at 10pm and needed a lot of encouragement to go to sleep after her milk. But then she woke at 2am and not again until 5.15am!  Much, much better.  The only problem was at 2am when she took ages to settle again.  When fed at 5.15am she fell instantly into a deep, deep sleep (why not at 2am - WHY?!), which made it all the more ghastly when a little voice said in my ear at about 6am "mummy can you take me downstairs?" Groan.

Perhaps she's going to be a little night owl, or an avid clubber... we shall see!
Can anyone suggest why she won't settle at the 2am feed when I need her to the most? 


pigletinfrance said...

They all sound so cute!

Re Evie maybr she's just not used to day and night yet. It took my one 6 weeks. She was always more active in my tummy at night so I guess it is the time it takes to adapt? Good luck!

Gillian Harvey said...

Thanks! :)xx

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