Saturday, 12 October 2013

Insomniac Babies and Mummies

Last night I was quite hopeful.

Evie had been awake for much of the afternoon, her little eyes darting around and interested.  As I said to Ray 'perhaps this means she's figured out the difference between night and day?'  So I was quite hopeful as evening approached that last night would be THE NIGHT.  Not for sleeping through - it's far too early for that - but for a reasonable sleep nonetheless.

Not so.  For some unknown reason, Evie was unsettled between 9pm and midnight - falling asleep briefly when held or fed, but then waking up and wailing whenever she was placed in her moses basket.  I lay there, propped against a pillow with her on my chest for a while, but kept finding myself nodding off and worried that I might drop or squash her if that happened.

So began a nightmare of ups and downs, nappies, milks, cuddles, rocks, lullabies and despair.  Finally, at midnight, or just after, she slipped into sleep and I crawled gratefully under the covers.  After a feed at 3pm, she thankfully settled down.  I relaxed in a dreamy slumber, until 5.10am when a little voice asked me if I would get up.  I moaned, "not now Lily, don't do this," and she dutifully went back to sleep.  Only I couldn't.

This is why, since about 6am, I have been up: cleaning the playroom, sterilising bottles and - yes - blogging.

With the twins, Ray and I had a spate of sleepless nights that went on for about 14 months and somehow survived.  At times I barely knew myself, but we survived.

It's only been two weeks so far, but I feel as if I've done my dues to being up at night - I really hope that Evie is one of the dream babies my friends seem to keep having who sleeps through earlier rather than later.  I need it for my sanity!

Wish me luck...

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