Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I Love My Children

Little Joe:
His love of cars which means he always has one in his hand; his constant smile and delight that he can walk/jump/climb (which he does constantly).  The fact that he seems to have a complete set of teeth which makes his smile seem older than his face.  I love his laugh, the fact when he falls he gets right back up and carries on.  Even his cry - a shrill shriek, which is easily subdued by cuddles and kisses.  I love the fact he wants to put his dummy in my mouth and finds it hilarious.  I love it when he's tired and he lays down with his head on my knee.

Little Timmy:
Always on the plastic phone or sitting in the mini armchair.  I love that he's a tiny executive!  I love his pudgy little legs and belly, and the fact that he talks constantly but I don't understand a word.  I love his rosy cheeks and hair that sticks in all directions despite my best efforts.  I love his cuddles and his ability to brighten even the dullest day.

Beautiful Lily:
What can I say about Lily? She is the light of my life.  She is caring, stroppy and merry in equal measure, and is likely to shout at or cuddle me from one minute to the next.  I love her beautiful profile when she's sleeping - I could sit and gaze for hours.  I love the fact she's gregarious and outgoing and wants to talk to everyone. I love the fact she bosses everyone about - even me and Ray.  And I love the fact that she tells me she loves me every day.

Evie Rose:
Evie, despite being teeny tiny is already displaying personality traits.  Her sideways looks, her eyes scrunching up, the way she takes everything in. The fact she snuggles into my neck when I hold her; her little hot body in her pink babygrow. 

I love my children so much.


The Housekeeper said...

You made me love them too! Xxx Oh as I know you know who I am, may I ask you to keep my secret please x x x

The Housekeeper said...

Oh and may I also ask why your not following me????? :-D

Gillian Harvey said...

Hi "housekeeper" - I am lurking on your blog but haven't clicked 'follow' - whoops! :) xx

Dawn Frazier said...

Ah that is beautiful. It's lovely how all children have their own different personalities and it's so easy to love them all, each in a unique way.

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