Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Humour, even in the dark times...

I thought I'd try reflexology yesterday... mean to be great for stress reduction, etc.  There's a little 'relaxation' place in my small town, so I trotted along and tried to keep an open mind.

The woman who runs the centre is very hostilic and 'reset my aura' first of all.  Apparently my energy wasn't centred at all?  In fact, it was somewhere over the other side of the room (which felt about right).  So she rebalanced that... and I kept an open mind.

She also told me that when someone comes to her, she 'feels' their energy.  As well as reflexology, she said I needed back and chest massage and head massage, and that she would do it for the same price.  This all sounded good to me!

However, here comes the grotesque imagery (those of a nervous disposition look away now).  She then told me to take off my clothes, except for my knickers.

Now, I knew that I'd have to expose my feet at this session, so I had showered that morning and was wearing clean clothes (a MIRACLE!).  However, I had not counted on exposing my entire body.  And by that I mean, mismatched underwear, stubbly legs and armpits...  Sexy.

So, I sheepishly had to lie there as she massaged my feet, and sometimes my ankles, wincing and wondering whether her hands were getting a good exfoliation...!

The motto?  Be prepared and ALWAYS SHAVE!

The verdict - mucho relaxing!  But she certainly earned her money...!

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