Sunday, 13 October 2013

Being taught a lesson...!

One of the ways I hope to spend a little more time with Lily, so she doesn't feel too left out, is by teaching her to read.  I duly bought a book to help me through the process - turns out it's American, but hey-ho. As long as I remember to say "full stop" instead of "period", I'll be fine!

I also bought a box of cards with letters printed on them, and yesterday during a rare quiet moment, asked Lily if she wanted to learn how to read words.  She wasn't as enthusiastic as I'd hoped, but after a little coercion, decided to sit and unpack the letters with me.

I got out the letters c, a, t, as suggested by the book, and told Lily that c made the "k" sound.  She was a little distracted, so I said "Lily! listen to mummy!"  "No," she replied, "listen to me. This is a 'k'" (showing me a j).  When I objected, she flung the box of cards across the room and "smacked my bottom".  I have to say it's not the most successful lesson I have ever taught...

However, a little later, my little munchkin came into the room and wrote the letters c, a, t, on a piece of paper - I like to think this was an apology of sorts.  Bless her.

It's difficult with children to know exactly where there minds are.  Lily is very enthusiastic about Evie, but I do wonder whether on some level she's feeling a bit strange - it would be perfectly normal if she was after all.

Joe, who has been suffering from a terrible cold, struggled to go to sleep, so was allowed down last night to wander in the living room whilst we watched 'Strictly.'  Poor little lad was so tired, but so wired, that he began to run around in circles, and ended up falling into the laundry basket as he made himself dizzy.  Thank goodness for sloppy housekeeping - if that basket hadn't been there, he would have collided with the dining room table...

Evie, meanwhile, did her usual trick of sleeping wonderfully in the day, and not so well at night. However, right now, she's snoring away upstairs, but I can't sleep, despite being exhausted!  No fair!


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