Friday, 11 October 2013

Bathtime for All!

God bless my little Joe.  Every time a bath has been run, he's not content simply to see the baby being washed, or have a splash around himself - everything and I mean EVERYTHING he can get his hands on needs to join in the fun.

Today, when I turned my back for a second after bathing Evie, he managed to soak:
  • His little fluffy owl
  • Two crayons
  • A bag of cotton wool (!)
  • Evie's baby cream bottle
  • A toy car
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  The fact that he is wandering around crusted with Weetabix and bogies seems to be absolutely fine - it's everything else that needs to be washed!

Evie has started to sleep a little better now - 11.30pm, 3am, 6.00am, which is pretty darn good - well done my lovely! Still struggling to get her to sleep after her night feed though, but perhaps I'm giving up too early, wanting to snuggle back under the covers and plonking her down when she's not quite ready?

One thing that I've found REALLY HELPS in those quiet night-time hours is listening to an audiobook on my Ipod.  When everyone else is snoring around you, it really helps to have some company - and something to (almost) look forward to.  The only downside was when the wire from my headphones got tangled in Evie's blanket when I was putting her down... I was so preoccupied with trying to tease them free that I nearly banged her head...  Nice to know that I've got my priorities right, eh!

Lily is still terrified of Evie's cord, but fascinated at the same time.  During bathtime she hangs around at a distance, horrified and transfixed in equal measure. God knows what she's going to do when it falls off...!

It's now half seven and I've - dressed and fed two children, bathed and fed a baby... the only thing I haven't done is actually fed myself!  Busy times!

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