Sunday, 20 October 2013

A weird couple of days...

Had a weird couple of days, but not going to write about them just now... maybe in the future.

Contrary to what I said a few days ago in my blog, my parents are coming to see me tomorrow - which is a miracle, but a welcome one. I look forward to seeing them and hope that once they've flown over (they usually take the train) they'll realise the distance between us isn't quite so far.  It's a lot harder for us to visit the UK (and more expensive) so them coming means a lot. 

Went to the soft play centre in Limoges today with good friends and was amazed at the twins, who shunned the 0-3 year play area, and decided to tackle the big slide, dance at the disco and basically anything that was dangerous/too big.  Bearing in mind that last time they came they were a little nervous of even the baby area toys, that's some progress!!

Jane, a good friend who has been staying and helping for a while, has now gone home, which is very sad. I wish she could have stayed longer!  She's actually Ray's ex-wife's brother's wife (so his "ex" sister-in-law) which makes her generosity all the more wonderful.  Another example of an unexpected person becoming family.

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