Friday, 20 September 2013

The Moment of Truth - Will Baby Come Today?

So, when I got a few contractions at 32 weeks, they put me on a ridiculous amount of tablets to "stop labour."  From my research (and by research, I mean Googling!) I read that these don't always work, so it may be that labour had naturally stopped and I was just popping pills for no reason.

Anyway, Dr advised that I should stop at 37 weeks... which means that today for the first time in 5 weeks I am without a safety harness.  Will baby come today?  So far, nothing.  I'll keep you posted!!

My friend Liz is staying at the mo, which is handy if we need a last minute hospital dash, but not sure how she feels about being left with all and sundry... I fear the lunatics may overtake the asylum if left to their own devices...!!  Be afraid... be VERY afraid!


Living in fairly remote France, it's not often we see "modern" machinery, such as the uber modern "escalator" - so she was beyond excited when we went to Limoges yesterday and discovered these moving staircases at the St Martial Shopping Centre.  I turned my back for a minute in H&M and she was gone!  I "knew" instantly where she'd be - dashed outside and sure enough, she'd ridden up one, and was laughing her head off coming down the other... until she saw mummy at the bottom, and the laughter turned to fear as she was forced to continue moving towards me and facing my wrath!! HAHAHAHAAAA

Seriously though, I just don't know how to impress on her how dangerous it is to wander off. It's difficult here, as the dangers seem fewer than in England, with a smaller population and with us often only being in tiny local shops...  I don't want to scare the life out of her, but I want her to be scared "enough" not to want to leave my side in a shopping centre!  V. difficult.

Cheeky madam!

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