Tuesday, 17 September 2013

In which I consider hiring out my body ... and provide the solution to anxiety

I’m thinking of hiring out my body...

Now, before you get too shocked – not for that, but as a human climbing frame/bouncy castle.  In our garden we have an ‘actual’ climbing frame, a slide, swings, lots of faded plastic toys, trees, a sandpit, a semi-deflated paddling pool filled with questionable looking coloured balls... but NO, I am the preferred play area.  If I don’t have a child climbing on me when I’m sitting on the sofa, dangling from my leg when I’m walking between rooms, or running me over in a plastic car when I’m minding my own business, then I figure something must be “up.” 

Is it because I’m increasingly squishy round the edges and great for bouncing on?  Is it because I have sharp elbows that are ideal monkey bars?  Honestly, I ask you, do I LOOK like a stuffed toy?  No, don’t answer that...

NOW – the answer to anxiety

It’s nothing new in many ways, but as an ex-sufferer of anxiety (and BOY did I suffer!), having tried pretty much every talking therapy under the sun, as well as diets, exercise, meditation and yoga, I can report that, whilst all these things can have their place, for me the answer to anxiety was to "shrink my focus."

‘What do you mean?’ I hear you cry!  I literally mean to stop looking forward – in that moment – and focus on the “now”.  For example, if I start worrying – “what if such and such happens tomorrow” I think “well, I’d better have a bloody good day today then.”  I don’t fight it, I don’t question it, I don’t explore it – I accept it, shrink my focus and look at today only.  Today is manageable, even when you’re a human climbing frame...

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