Saturday, 28 September 2013

Happiness - It's Up to You (and Chocolate is sometimes the answer)

When I look back over the past - in fact pretty much my entire adult life - there are fleeting moments of happiness, but always tinged with dissatisfaction, anxiety or general gloom.

It's easy to feel that feeling this way is our lot in life; easy to feel that we are just one of the "unlucky ones".  But it really isn't true.  Anxiety and gloom are choices that we make - albeit subconsciously - and we can 'choose' not to be that way. It takes time and determination, but remembering the words "it's up to you" can be a real motivator that sends us on the road to happiness - or at least an increased sense of wellbeing.

We get one life - who'd choose a miserable one?  We can't always help the things that happen around us - but we can help our reaction to them.  Teach yourself to be happy, and happiness will become a habit - and a much healthier one.

Dissatisfaction is a different beast, but I've tried to use it to drive myself forward.  Not happy with your lot?  We have the power to change.

My reason for thinking about anxiety?  I must admit that, since my induction has been booked, I am feeling a tad unsettled about it.  Yes, I knew I was going to meet my baby soon, and I knew I was going to go through the dreaded labour again soon... but feeling the date loom and not knowing quite how things are going to go is definitely getting my heart to flutter more than usual.  And no recourse to chocolate, what with this diabetes and all!!

My plan?  Lots of choc in hospital bag for after the birth.  Focus on the chocolate... just visualise the chocolate... See?!  I feel better already!


Dawn Frazier said...

Thanks for sharing this great post. Just recently I have been wondering whether I'm one of those people that is destined to be unhappy. I have to take control of my own destiny and be more happy with what I have, rather than comparing myself to others. Good luck with your induction. Four under four? Wow, and I thought three under three was hard!

Gillian Harvey said...

Thanks for your comment, Dawn - and glad you enjoyed the blog :)

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