Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Good God! It's a Girdle!

So it's arrived.  The answer to all my post-pregnancy prayers... or is it?  Yes, I admit it - I've bought a post-pregnancy girdle!

This summer was originally meant to be my "bikini fit again" summer (before the surprise pregnancy!) - and that obviously didn't happen.  I never really got my figure back after Lily (mostly laziness) and, whilst I've been quite lucky with losing post-preg weight in the past, I was left with a bit of delightful "twin skin" after the boys...  Which was nice.

Now it's all stretched into a lovely bump again, I wondered whether, with a little "help" from Bellefit, I could get my stubborn wobbly bits flat again...  once the little one pops out that is.

Mind you, looking at the skin coloured piece of granny underwear I've received (a snip at just under £100!) I'm not convinced.  Could this bit of saggy material really be the answer to my prayers?

Steady on, boys

Looking at the size of my bump this time, I think it's going to have it's work cut-out!  But you never know :)  Twin-skin begone!!
If not, they were worth it anyway xxx


Anonymous said...

Don't pretend you've only just bought this! We know it's how you attracted Ray :D

Anonymous said...

Loving reading about your life

Keep em coming

Love Amanda x x

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