Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Completely Overwhelmed!

Yep, I've left it too late.



I stood today trying to pack my hospital bag and realised that I have waited until my energy is totally drained, my brain is totally fuzzy and my sanity is rapidly running out!

The house is in a state again, but, at best, I seem to be able to half-heartedly wander around moving toys from one location to another, ditto cups, ditto crumbs...

What's worse, I've become CONVINCED that my waters are about to break at any moment!  It never occurred to me that I'd have a dramatic "gush" during my last pregnancy - Lily had come in a very calm manner: contractions building up, plenty of time to get to the hospital, etc, etc.

With the boys, I was minding my own business sitting on the sofa, thinking about turning in when POP! and they were born 2 hours later.  So whenever I feel any pressure, I can't help but think UH OHHHH...

But she's remaining resolutely put at the moment, thank goodness.  Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the next part (post-labour that is (I'm not completely insane!)), but I don't want to have her before 37 weeks (a week on Friday).  I just want to fast-forward time a little... just a "little" bit!

On an unrelated note, I made 21 cup-cakes today.  I had one, my friend Nikki had one, her son Alex had 2-3, Ray had about 3.  There is one left.  Yes ONE.  Someone (who shall not be named) kept appearing with a rather chocolately mouth, or a suspiciously bulging cheek.  I think that girl has consumed enough calories to get her through the rest of the WEEK today.  What's worse, she's so funny when she's trying to hide her "crime" that I can't get cross with her!  I'll put them on a higher shelf next time though!

She then decided to wet her knickers, didn't tell me, and came for a cuddle on my lap.  So I end the day with a urine soaked leg, and it's not even mine.  Oh the joys!!

Butter wouldn't melt... but I think chocolate does!!

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Anonymous said...

lol aw bless her! She'll have me to compete with next time - eating the cakes I mean, not urinating on you!
As much as I'd like to meet bubba no. 4 please tell her to stay in the hotel for a little longer - not sure I'm up to witnessing a birth! :)

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