Friday, 13 September 2013

Bed Hopping

I don't know how it happens - we all go to bed in our respective beds/rooms... but who knows what the situation will be by morning?  Usually it goes something like this.

2am - one of the twins crying for his dummy - Ray gets up and replaces, I move over and hog more of the duvet (hee hee!).

3am - nightly visit from Lily... gets into bed on my side for company and settles to sleep.  Having been woken up, I have to go for the obligatory pee... when I get back, this tiny girl is splayed across my side of the bed - no room for mummy.  Mummy goes to Lily's room. zzz

5am - boys wake up - Ray takes them downstairs and ends up on the sofa under a blanket.

5.30am - mummy gets another visit from Lily persuading her to get up.  Much groaning ensues...

So there you have it - nocturnal movements on a grand scale.  What will it be like when the next one's born, I ask myself?!

On a different note...

How do you find out what's really going on with a three year old?  For the first time EVER Lily didn't want to go to school today. Does this mean she's not happy?  Or was she just tired?  It's impossible to tell. If I ask her, she'll go along with whatever I suggest... For example: 'Are you happy at school?'  'No, I not happy at school.'  'Is it just because you're tired?'  'Yes, I'm tired today.'  AARGH!

My problem is that I paint a whole scenario - unhappy girl, sent to school against her wishes, miserable all day... whereas probably she's playing happily (or beating someone else up).

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